Pfützner Science & Health Institute GmbH City Center, Mainz, Germany

Pfützner Science & Health Institute, Diabetes Center and Practice has been founded in March 1998 by Prof. Andreas Pfützner as a follow-up organization of IKFE – Institute for Clinical Research and Development, which Prof. Pfützner had managed for more than 15 years.

During this time Prof. Pfützner performed more than 350 clinical studies on all aspects of diabetes mellitus and its complications (drugs, devices, diagnostics, nutrition, and new technologies). The institute and its associated business network is comprised of a clinical treatment unit, a laboratory, a clinical research organization and an academy department.

Since 1998, Prof. Pfützner is treating patients with diabetes mellitus, but with the new Cairo institute, he is now translating his accumulated disease understanding into new treatment procedures that target to provide individualized patient care and based on the underlying pathophysiology of the disease.

Pfützner Science & Health Institute - 5th District, Cairo, Egypt

Prof. Pfützner is a global opinion leader with more than 320 publications in the field of diabetes and its complications. Patients from all over the world come to him for individual personalized treatment advise.

Pfützner Egypt works with the same standard operating procedures like the German parent institute and frequent trainings, internships and exchange of the staff members in Germany and Egypt ensures the high level of medical expertise and service quality.