A Practical Example about the Pfützner Science & Health Institute Services
Pilots and Diabetes
Like other professionals working in the personal transportation business, airline pilots with diabetes have to comply with higher and more stringent treatment quality requirements than normal diabetes patients. Because of their particularly high responsibility for passenger safety, their diabetes has to be excellently controlled, but their treatment cannot include drugs, which induce a risk for hypoglycemia during a flight with the plane.

In consequence, pilots are not allowed to receive treatment with strong sulfonylurea drugs and/or insulin. However, diabetes is considered to be a chronic progressive disease, and insulin has to be administered to prevent secondary complications. In consequence, when pilots have reached this disease stage, they cannot continue to work in their job anymore and are basically “grounded”.
The “Beyond Glucose Control” (BGC) treatment concept developed by Prof. Pfützner and available at both sites in Mainz and Cairo offers an attractive solution to this problem and the German Parent company collaborates successfully already since many years with Prof. Dirk Rose, from the Flymed Air Medical Center in Frankfurt, who takes care of pilots from Lufthansa, Air Berlin and other local German airlines (Flugmedizinisches Zentrum (AeMC), Univ.-Prof. Dr. med. D.-M. Rose, Main Airport Center (MAC) Frankfurt, www.aemc-flymed.de).  The BGC approach has resulted in disease regression in many cases and in some patients, the disease could even be temporarily reversed.