Diabetes is EPIDEMIC

Diabetes is one of the most common chronic diseases in Egypt, and continues to increase in numbers and significance, as changing lifestyles lead to reduced physical activity, and increased obesity. Currently Egypt have at least 8.6 million adults with diabetes.

Among Middle Eastern countries, the largest contribution to the total number of childhood Diabetes cases comes from Egypt which accounts for about a quarter of the region’s total in children under the age of 15 years.

Diabetes is the eleventh most important cause of premature mortality in North Africa & Middle East, and is responsible for 2.7% of all years of life lost. Similarly, diabetes is the sixth most important cause of disability burden.

Our product, “BelDIA PRE” ProinsulinPOCT (Point of Care Test), will be the tool to help determine whether or not you may be at risk of developing Type II. The test is easy to use and can be performed in the privacy of your own home. One drop of your blood will be placed onto a test strip which will change color in the event that you do test positive, meaning that you at risk of developing the disease: ProinsulinPOCT is able to detect the ß-cell dysfunction at an early stage, long before diabetes and its symptoms manifest in the human body. The test should be conducted on an empty stomach, preferably in the morning. After a brief waiting period of 5 minutes, the test result will be indicated.

Should you test positive, our customer care call-centre in El-Shrouk City – Cairo Egypt support you with a capable specialist of the Healthcare Network. Completing an anti-diabetes program will teach you how to either minimize or completely banish the risk of developing Type II Diabetes.

Target population for our POCT test: The test can be used to confirm or exclude diabetes development in patients with risk factors (e.g. obesity, family history if diabetes or cardiovascular disease etc.). It is simple, easy to perform, and can be performed by patients and health care providers. The potential market size includes theoretically the entire Egypt population (90 million subjects) with an additional 150 million potential customers in Gulf Cooperation Council and North African Centuries. About 20-25% of them have known diabetes or are in the process to develop the disease. The absolute potential market size increases by about 10-15% per year. Special customers are individuals or companies that are performing annual health checks for their employees including but not limited to airlines, public transportation companies, and military forces.

Our OEM Production

BelDIA PRE Certified manufacturing, Assembly and Packing Facility

Production Structure, production area (1,500sm) will be divided in three departments to offers a complete control of all tasks starting with incoming of part delivered, number of devices produced and quantity of shipped devices. The departments are: • Income Storage • Assembly Line(s) • Delivery from stock

The complete production will be supported by a warehouse system. The system will be the base for the stock list continuously. Different technologies are installed for supporting the control point. E.g. using an EARN scanning system; different methods for delivery and shipment and physical access controls.

The assembly line(s) are structured for a definite number of devices per year. The basic line structure can be multiplicity as needed and space is available. The assembly line gets continuously the raw materials from the income storage. The material list contains the product name, the tranche of production, and the amount of proinsulin test devices have to be assembled. The tests are numbered and provided with a sticker EAN. Each assembly line has 4-6 working places. At the end of the line a two step quality control is implemented.